Weekly CSA Farm Box Session 2 (August 23rd through October 25th)


A prepaid order for our weekly harvest box – eight weeks of boxes! Beginning the weekend of June 16th, and ending on the weekend of August 18th

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A prepaid order for our weekly harvest box – ten (10) weeks of boxes! Beginning Friday August 23rd through October 25th.

Will include a selection of the following:

  • Greens like lettuce heads, spinach and mroe
  • Legumes like annelino and more
  • Sweet peppers, tomatillos, mini eggplants and more
  • Roots like carrots beets and more

If you are going on holiday or not coming out to the North Fork please let the farmer know a week in advance, you may choose to donate your harvest to a friend or we can do our best to accommodate you-please understand there are no refunds.
The farm doesn’t offer delivery, all pick ups are at our orient point farm stand. however if you find yourself with a health or access issue we will provide doorstep delivery.

Pickup Dates

July 10-11, July 17-18, July 24-25, July 31-August 1st