I&Me Farm

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In 2018, I&Me Farm set down its roots on Terry Lane in Orient Point. After 9 years in the Lower Hudson Valley, the farm has become part of the agricultural legacy of the North Fork of Long Island. The two acres site has expansive views of farmland, woodlands, wetlands and coastlines.

I&Me Farm stewards the land with organic and biodynamic practices. The farm embraces biodiversity growing heritage and global ingredients for chefs and consumers.

Our Story

Farmer Mimi Edelman began her agricultural journey simply by grabbing a cup of coffee at the Flying Pig Café in Mt. Kisco, NY. Flying Pig was the culinary sister of Cabbage Hill Farm. The synergy of their relationship defined the truth of local, responsible and enlivened food sourcing.

Cabbage Hill Farm provided a robust education in aquaculture, heritage poultry and livestock management, exploring off the grid energy alternatives, organic farming and educational programming. Mimi became the Director of Programming for the Edible Education Project which orchestrated a farmer run marketplace, farm-based education, food justice and horticulture therapy.

The moment presented itself for Mimi to take the leap and establish her own farm operation. Her mission is to integrate her professional culinary experience with agriculture serving chefs who champion the farm to table movement and consumers inspired to experience a spectrum of flavors.

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I&Me Farm aspires to deliver the most enlivened vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, micorgreens/shoots and ground cherries. Each harvest box offers the season’s aromatics, texture, color and taste curated by the farmer.

Every week can be different not only providing a spark of culinary inspiration but delight to the palate.

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